Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Backlinks Tracker for SEO Professionals

Backlinks Tracker, will save the user both time and money, by allowing them to quickly know if their backlinks or ads are no longer being displayed. "When you have large numbers of backlinks keeping track of all your backlinks can get confusing and hard to manage. With Backlinks Tracker (BLT), backlinks can easily be organized by suppliers, or websites," said Mason of Web Coast Design.

Most people know that backlinks are essential for getting highly ranked for keywords by the major search engines, but do not know that up to 90% of all backlinks can disappear within a year, or lose their relevance. Backlinks Tracker is valuable for anyone paying to have backlinks created for their website, spending money on permanent ad placements, or doing link exchanges. "You can use Backlinks Tracker for free, for your most valuable backlinks," said Mason.

The Back links Tracker is packed with professional features. Backlinks Tracker will determine if the source URL is from a redirected page, is based on an i-frame, or if the page no longer exists. Other useful information is gathered. For example, the backlink page IP address is checked so duplicate IPs can be determined for multiple backlinks from the same source. PR (Page Rank) for both the domain and the backlink source page are checked and recorded. Also, the number of outbound links on a page are checked, since the fewer outbound links, the more the backlink is valued. You can learn more about back link tracking by going to, or read the many SEO tutorials and books on the importance of backlinks.

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