Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Free Upgraded SEO PowerSuite

Link-Assistant.com is changing its SEO PowerSuite for good. Now it's not only a piece of very good SEO software. It's a one-of-a-kind Competition Outranking Software — thanks to the two features adding up to your SEO PowerSuite license totally for free!

1) Competition outranking strategy: backlinks

SEO SpyGlass sets you on completely new, high-speed rails in competition link checks and backlink research. While the rest of SEO world are scratching their heads, puzzled with the decline of Yahoo Site Explorer — you've got a new, complete, fresh, yet unexplored-by-the-majority, source of quality backlinks.

Where other SEOs get 1,000 links, you have up to 10 times more! Check this out and download your free SEO SpyGlass edition>>

2) Monitoring and comparing your own and competitors rankings

The other competition-knocking bullet is Rank Tracker: now it runs simultaneous checks of your and your competitors' rankings within one project. This lets you keep your finger on the tiniest ranking fluctuations not only for your site, but largely for your market niche. You're the one to quickly notice your competitors' weak spots, and take advantage of their missteps. Check this out and download your free RankTracker edition>>

This set of features brings you to the fore of SEO technology. It's long before any other SEO software will move this far. And (he-he) when alternative tools are finally there... well, you already know ;) SEO PowerSuite will be way ahead again, with more know-hows at your disposal.

That's actually one of the reasons why this software's called industry-standard: it's ahead of the curve, and then the rest of SEO tools only follow its track.

Get hold of the new features: just as ever, if you already own SEO PowerSuite, you don't need to pay extra. Simply restart the tools one by one and let them auto-update. Then turn on Blekko and other search engines in Preferences -> Preferred Search Engines.

And if you need to get yourself a fully functional license, go here for your copy of SEO PowerSuite.

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