Saturday, January 15, 2011

Black Hat Seo Techniques To Avoid

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are broadly classified into two categories: First, those techniques that search engines encourage as division of good design, and secondly the procedures that search engines do not endorse and attempt to curtail. Commonly the first is referred to as White Hat SEO and second one is referred to as Black Hat SEO. White hat is also called ethical SEO and tend to give results that last a long time, while black hats expect that their sites will finally be blackballed once the search engines detect what they are doing.

SEO approaches, techniques or procedures are regarded white hat if these follow the search engines guiding principles and involve no underhand trickery. Since the search engine rules are not written as guidelines, this is a significant differentiation. White hat SEO is not just about complying with rules and guidelines, but it is about ascertaining that the search engine indexes the same content which the user will see.



  1. Black hat seo strategy can boost more traffics and rank your site in good position for just a short period of time! But when a search engine found out that you are doing this type of strategy, they will ban your site or they will bury it for worst. And if that happens, it is harder for you to recover.

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